Saturday, June 8, 2013

iPad apps that worked for me

For Spanish teachers who are looking for apps that they can use in their classrooms or for parents who are looking for apps that can help their children learn a foreign language, here are some apps that I used this year that worked for me:

  • Gus on the go:Spanish- It has great graphics. It presents the vocabulary in themes and as the student unlocks new sections the previous vocabulary is integrated as a review. I used it with K-1st.
  • Mind Snack- It allows the teacher to control what vocabulary to include in the game. As they completed one segment an egg with a mystery creature would crack a little bit. Students liked playing with this game, and they looked forward to having the egg crack a little more. I used it with 2nd grade.
  • Feed me! from Pencilbot- It was a simple game. I used it with Preschool and Kindergarten. The students enjoyed tickling the monster. Even though they tried to get the answer right, once in a while they asked if they could pick the wrong one on purpose to see the monster get sick. The found it funny and entertaining.
  • Busuu kids- It has a garden theme. The audio recordings of the vocabulary seem to have been done by a native speaker. Once one segment of vocabulary is complete a flower with that theme pops up in the garden. As students learned new words their watering can would fill up. Games were short, but fun.

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