Friday, November 15, 2013

Create comic strips online

As a language teacher, I'm always looking for creative ways to use technology in my classes. Back in my time, we had to cut the comic strips from the newspaper. Here's a way of having the students create comic strips online. They can choose the characters that they want, and what they want them to say. These comic strips are printable and emailable.

Make Beliefs Comix

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Creating videos in class

My 8th grade students were asked to create a video that demonstrated what they learned last year in my class. Instead of giving them a test, I thought they would have more fun designing their own video. I told them they could not be seen in the video, and they would have to create a puppet, stick figure, etc. instead. The students chose their group partners. As an incentive, I told the class that the best video would be posted on my YouTube channel. I was amazed with their creativity and how much thought they put into their work. Here's the winning video: