Saturday, January 25, 2014

Google Glass in Ed

I'm lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, very close to Google headquarters. A few months ago I watched a person wearing what seemed liked have of a pair of glasses. The frame was very thin and only one of the lenses was there, but very small. I asked what he was wearing and he told me that he was testing the prototype for Google called Glass. I suppose this is how people felt when they saw the first microwave. It looked foreign and unknown.

Fellow blogger Gary King wrote about the potential use of Google Glass in Education. He proposes that it could be used for:
  • Collaboration-recording conversations amongst two students
  • Video recording-see the world through the eyes of one person
  • Translator- quickly access the translation of a word in a Foreign Language class. However, as a Foreign Language Teacher myself, I find that this may be a problem. I don't always allow students to use a dictionary in class, because I want them to think and use the vocabulary they know.
  • Research- find information for an assignment or project. However, I wonder how user friendly it will be to search and use information or if it will be the equivalent of using a tablet for just a quick search.
  • Maps-talking about a given country in class, you can easily access the appropriate map or even with Google Street View, easily show what the location looks like.
I wonder how comfortable they will be to wear for long periods of time. I'm not a fan of having to wear something on my face. What happens with the people who already wear glasses, do they wear these on top?

Do you think Google Glass has potential for Education? What would you do with it?

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