Sunday, January 12, 2014

Should Social Media be used in the classroom?

Every school I have ever worked for has had a strong policy not only against the use of Social Media, but also the use of cell phones in the classroom. In fact, most school districts block such sites for fear of having the students use school equipment to log onto social media sites. What are schools really afraid of? Is it the inability to control what students are saying? Is it the inability to track and approve commentary before it is shared with the world?
Does social media have an educational use in the classroom? Is all social media acceptable to use in the classroom or should only certain ones be allowed? Does Twitter pose more educational value than Facebook?
Teachers that are using Twitter in the classroom are using it to remind students of upcoming assignments and tests. They are using Twitter as a structured assignment where they respond to a given prompt and collaborate virtually with not only their classmates, but other people around the world.

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