Friday, April 11, 2014


Duolingo reminds me of Rosetta Stone, but without the costly price tag. In fact, Duolingo is free! Students can create an account using their email address. Once logged in, select the language that you want to learn and it will give you the option of testing to see where you are at or going through all the basics. This is great, because it allows higher achieving students to jump ahead and work at their own pace.

Duolingo provides opportunities to improve reading, writing, and speaking skills. Pictures are used as a way to help the student understand the content. Voice recognition allows the students to repeat or answer a prompt. Written exercises encourage proper spelling. In Spanish, accent marks are provided on screen for the students to choose from.

Duolingo provides a game type feel. Students have a certain amount of hearts at the beginning of each lesson (much like life). If the students gets a problem wrong, they lose a heart. If they lose all their hearts, they need to re-do that lesson. If they get a certain number of problems correct in a row, they get a jewel. The students can later trade those jewels for items in the virtual store.

My students love working with Duolingo. They all seem to feel that they are learning and that it is also fun.

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