Sunday, April 27, 2014

Google add-ons- Lucid Chart

I recently discovered Google add-ons. My 7th and 8th grade students only have Chromebooks, so I was looking for a way to allow them to create mind maps without having to purchase a subscription to an online mind map site like Mindmeister. I was thrilled to have discovered Google add-ons. It allows you to add additional software programs to your Google Docs account.

 In the example above, students were asked to create a mind map using the Lucid Chart. We are currently covering family members in my Spanish class, so adjacent bubbles needed to describe the family member in Spanish.

You first open a document and select Add-ons, followed by Get add-ons.

You then select the add-on that you want. In my case, I used Lucid chart, but I am looking forward to trying all the other add-ons out.
Students are then able to create new documents using the features of the specific program. It opens another window and it saves your work as you go.

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