Sunday, August 31, 2014

Google Voice for assignments

I use Google Voice for homework assignments. Setting up a phone number was easy. I chose a local area code so that my students wouldn't complain about having to call long distance. Explaining the concept of Google Voice to my students was interesting. They didn't understand how calling a phone number would convert the phone call into something I could see and hear on my computer.

For the assignment, I gave the students an open ended question that they would have to think of their opinion on and explain to me why the arrived at that conclusion.  Students were told to write down their response first and practice saying it, in order to ensure that they said their response correctly. A 1-2 sentence response was encouraged. When calling I told the students to first record their name followed by the class period that they are in, and lastly, their response to the prompt.

There were a few students that because of the phone reception, I was not able to understand their name. I was then able to text them back to the number they had called from, using Google Voice and ask them to give me their name and period.

I graded their responses on whether they answered the question and had submitted their response on time. When I sat down to grade, I had Google Voice open and my grade book. I listened to responses and immediately inputted the grades.

As a foreign language teacher, I enjoyed hearing my students practice proper pronunciation skills.