Friday, September 26, 2014

Remind for text students

Remind formerly Remind101, is a great way to text students for free. I've used it to remind students to study for upcoming quizzes and tests. There have also been times when the students leave the classroom and then I remember I should have reminded them to bring a flash drive or some index cards to class next time. Not a problem any more!

Students easily signed up by sending a text message using a specific code that I gave them in class. Students that don't have a cell phone can sign up to receive the messages as emails, so no one is left out.

I can schedule reminders to go out later in the day. I can also attach pictures or documents with my message. Now students can't say they lost my study guide.

As a Spanish Teacher, I'm typing the message in Word with the correct symbols and then pasting them into the message. It would be nice to see those characters available in the future.