Friday, May 1, 2015

Google Drive and Docs for the blind

I am blessed to work with a wonderful teacher that is not only an extraordinary teacher, but also fully blind. She comes to school assisted by her seeing eye dog and has an aid in the classroom that helps her with clerical work. Our school district recently became a Google district and all of our students are transitioning to using Chromebooks. This teacher had been using JAWS as her screen reader, but unfortunately JAWS does not make the use of Google products very easy. It requires a lot of tabbing, which makes it not user friendly with Google Drive or Google products. As the Tech Lead at my school, I was tasked with helping my co-worker be able to access Google Drive and products. I decided to try ChromeVox on a Chromebook for Google related work and she is working with JAWS on her pc for everything else. Using a new screen reader means learning new short keys. I'm using a combination of Chromebook short keys with commonly used short keys.

Alt + (number) - Opens hotbar item

Shift + t - Open new document once in google drive

Alt + / - Search
* Then typing a command such as font and using the arrows keys to navigate

Use arrow keys to navigate open menus

Should know shortcuts:
Ctrl + c - Copy
Ctrl + x - Cut
Ctrl + v - Paste
Ctrl + z - Undo
Ctrl + t - Open tab
Ctrl + w - Close tab
Ctrl + Tab - Switch between tabs

Ctrl + alt + m - Create comment
- Then type the comment
- Then click 'Tab' to tab to the 'comment' button
- Click enter to complete

Shift + arrow keys -  Highlight text in document

When in google docs using letters to navigate:
- clicking 'c' to open "compose"
- clicking 'd' to get an items details

Get to shared folder
- click 'c'
- Click tab
- Click down arrow
- Click enter

Helpful Links: