Monday, June 22, 2015

24/7 Learning: What students need from us

Learning is not only limited to the time the student spends in our classrooms. The bell rings and the student can continue their work from anywhere. Technology is allowing students to access class content, work on assignments, help one another, contact the teacher, at any time of the day. What does that mean for us as teachers?

21st century learners need from their teachers:
  1. 24/7 access to course content: Provide course content online with an LMS, Google Classroom, Edmodo, Schoology. Digital copy of their textbook (very important). If it’s an old book that out of copyright, scan the chapter you are working on and share it with them.
  2. Plan ahead: In Google Classroom students receive notifications when a new announcement or assignment has been posted. What if this announcement gave them a clue as to what they would be discussing in class later that day or week? They would have more time to think through the concepts ahead of time.
  3. Teacher access: My school email is a gmail account. I have the gmail app on my phone. Students that email me know that I will respond to them within 24 hours, usually more quickly. Maybe they need a response from you before they continue their work, waiting until the next school day might limit the amount of time they have to work on the task.

Set up office hours, if you prefer. Create a Google Form and use the add-on Choice Eliminator. As students pick a time slot it will be eliminated from the view of others.

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