Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ebooks vs. Printed Books in School

Reading an ebook on public
I’ve wondered whether ebooks are here to stay or if they will only partially replace printed texts. Many publishers are providing both electronic and printed options for students. Many students use iPads or tablets or other readers at home and at school. Carrying one electronic device is better than carrying 7 heavy books to school every day. There’s a private school in my area that issues each student an iPad when enrolling. They are required to use it every day.

Many people today still struggle with learning how to read from a screen lengthy texts. Some say they like holding the book, the feel of the pages, or even the smell of a new book. If ebooks are here to stay, as educators we need to teach our students how to become comfortable with reading electronic books. This is probably a 21st century skill they will need. Where do we start?

I knew a French teacher that with some grant funds bought about 7 kindle readers. She said it was hard to find good advanced French novels in the U.S. Ebooks were the solution for her. Students checked out the ereaders with her and used them for a period of time and returned them to her. The teacher realized that students were enjoying their reading experience. They were also using the dictionary function to learn new words.


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