Monday, June 15, 2015

Ideas for using Google Docs & Google Drawing

Google Docs and Drawings teaching ideas:
Some ideas:
  • After an online scavenger hunt on Cinco de Mayo, where the students answered questions based on their research, they had to draw an image using Google Drawing about something they learned.  Here’s an example:
  • I saw an AP US history teacher create a table in Google Docs. Students had vocabulary terms on the left, second column was for the definition, and in the third column they had to draw an image that reminded them of the meaning of the word.
  • A Science teacher friend of mine did something similar, but after they had done an experiment. In their report they needed to draw something they saw was taking place during the experiment.

I tried this with my high school students and it worked. They enjoyed drawing, even though it’s not as easy as doing it on paper. Be careful with the perfectionists and underachievers in your class. One will spend too much time on this type of task and others will spend very little. I walked around and gave suggestions.

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