Thursday, July 2, 2015

Educreations: Screencast: Explain it to me

Screencasts are video recordings of on screen activities which include the mouse movements, the voice, and the changes on screen. It allows for a more clear explanation of concepts, because the students is not only seeing the information, they are also hearing it.

Educreations allows you to create screencasts for free in the basic package. Educreations is accessible online. It seems to work just fine with a chromebook. You don't need to have an iPad to do it.

Use in the classroom:

  • Create a screencast to explain a concept to the class. Share the link with the students via Google Classroom or your course LMS.
  • Assign the students a problem and have them create a screencast and explain the concept to you. Remember, the have to understand the concept really well in order to explain it to others. 
  • Have students upload a photo of something being covered in class, for examples, a volcano, and have them explain what it does, what are the stages, etc. 
  • Assign each student a vocabulary word. Have them write out a sentence and explain it's meaning.

Here's my sample Educreation screencast. 

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