Monday, September 21, 2015

Listening comprehension with Vocaroo

Vocaroo makes it easy to record audio online and easily share it with others. I was planning on using it this year as a tool for students to record themselves speaking every week so that they could listen and monitor their own pronunciation and progress. However, the recording part of this website is blocked for our students and I was told that it would stay that way. I’m using it instead as a  listening comprehension tool.

  1. I used the built in microphone in my Chromebook to record myself reading a passage. I used a passage with vocabulary that related to the unit we were studying.
  2. Copied the link from the recording.
  3. Created a Google Doc. Inserted the link into the Google Doc. You can also just give the students the link in Google Classroom.
  4. I wrote the passage and took off some of the words. In its place, I put blanks.
  5. I added a few comprehension questions, too.
  6. I told the students to listen to the recording at least 3 times. Once by itself, once listening for the missing words, and once to answer the questions. Since they are working individually, they could replay it as many times as they needed in order to understand it.

Cheap alternative to a language lab. Just a Chromebook, headphone, and a free online tool. Use with any device that has a built in microphone.  Good practice for English learners and second language learners.

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