Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stations with QR codes

  1. Stations- Largely used in elementary classrooms and not enough in middle and high school.
  1. A QR code can be used to take a person to a website, image, video, document, etc. My favorite way of making QR codes is with the Google url shortener, Copy the url link of the site you want the QR code to go to. Paste the link into the Google url shortener and press shorten url. Press details under the shortened url. Put your cursor over the QR code and right click. Select copy image. Now you can put the QR anywhere you want. There many other ways to make QR codes. This is just one way. shorten1.png

  1. Create Google Slides with the a QR code of a site and 3 questions related to it. Students can be asked to give an opinion on the image, discuss something about the image, or answer content specific questions about it. For example, the above image has a house next to a lake. For my Spanish students, I would put questions like, where is the house? Would you visit this place? Why or Why not? Give this image a title. code4.png
  2. Print the Google Slides out.
  3. Students can stand up and at the sound of a bell or gong, they can rotate to the next station.
  4. If you don’t want students moving around, you can have the printed Google Slide to be handed off to the group to the left of them.
  5. If students are writing down the answers, you might want their answers to be brief so that each station doesn’t take too long.
  6. At the end of the rotations, have a class discussion of what they saw and what they learned in order to wrap the lesson up, or use the activity as a lead into the next lesson.
  7. QR code stations can be used with any subject and any unit.

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