Monday, October 26, 2015

Strategies for dealing with 1:1 discipline

Taking away a device is not an acceptable approach to discipline in the 1:1 classroom.

Some tips:

  1. Control when the student opens and closes the device. It’s a natural tendency to be bored and pull out your phone from your pocket and play with it. In the same manner, students don’t always intentionally open their computer to play games, just to annoy you.
  2. Lids closed means lids closed. You can take off participation points for not following instructions. You can give them 3 warnings and then notify the parents.
  3. Make your lessons interesting. The student will not be tempted to wander off if your lessons are engaging.
  4. Give students a website or activity that they can work on when there is free time or when they are waiting for others to finish. This a good opportunity to scaffold and give the high achievers an opportunity to be challenged. Tell students where to find these activities in Google Classroom or on your website, so that they always know where to go to find them.

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