Thursday, October 29, 2015

Teaching with Twitter

  1. Talk about rules and expectations of appropriate behavior.
  2. Explain the purpose of using Twitter in class. Give specific examples as to how it can help them improve in your subject area. How it will help them reach out to a bigger audience than just your class.
  3. Have students create an account. Even if they already had a personal one, it’s a good idea to have them create an account that they will use for school.
  4. Have students share their Twitter handle with you. I created a simple Google Doc with two columns, one for their name and another for their Twitter Handle. I put the Doc in Google Classroom and gave all students editing rights. Once they created their accounts, they would then put the information into the Doc.
  5. Have students use it right away. I had students follow a specific list of companies, sources that related to my subject.
  6. Think of a hashtag that you will use for your classes. Check on Hashatit to see whether the hashtag is already been used and by whom.
  7. Have students write a tweet using a hashtag that you assign for your class. I used #SweetBP1. Which is my last name, first initial, period 1. That way when I read the tweets I could separate them by class period.
  8. Follow-up with it. Give students opportunities to use Twitter every week.

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