Sunday, November 22, 2015

22 Resources for Teaching Science with Chromebooks

  1. Amoeba Sisters- YouTube videos on life science concepts- done with humor!
  2. STEM- STEM resources for high school students
  3. BBC News- Current Science news.
  4. Science Behind Hollywood- gets students excited about science through movies
  5. PBS Science- lessons, videos, activities on many topics
  6. PhET- simulations on a variety of Science topics
  7. Science Daily- Science news
  8. General Chemistry Online- tutorials, simulations, compound library
  9. Learn Chemistry- connects chemistry to other fields
  10. ChemEd- 3D simulaitons, periodic table, tutorials
  11. ChemCollective- virtual labs, scenario based activities, tutorials
  12. Chemistry Notes- chemistry lecture notes
  13. Chem Game Tutor- chemistry game that requires balancing equations, moles, acid and bases, equilibrium,etc
  14. Physics World- news that involve physics
  15. The Physics Classroom- detailed lessons and practice tests
  16. Cells Alive- animations, quizzes, worksheets
  17. Scitable- online library with a variety of biology topics
  18. Biology in Motion- animated cartoons that explain biology engaging
  19. Listen Current- Free resource that allows students to listen to a variety of Science topics. It has built in questions and assessments.

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