Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ed Leadership with 1:1 Devices

Education has definitely changed a lot in the last decade. Significant changes in the way we disseminate information to the students and how they learn and interact with the content. Teachers are finding engaging methods of teaching their content. Technology provides educators with so many new and exciting opportunities.

Educational leaders are still walking around the classroom and observing teachers, but are you seeing what you think you’re seeing?

  • A teacher sitting at their desk no longer means that the teacher isn’t engaged with the students and is busy doing something unrelated. With 1:1 teachers can be working collaboratively with the students, proofreading essays with the students, and adding to an online discussion.
  • Silence in the classroom doesn’t mean that students are not actively engaged in the lesson. Students are often quiet as they are searching for information and determining how best to showcase their knowledge with the use of technology. Silence often means that students are focused on the task at hand.
  • Connections are being made beyond the classroom walls, and this is a good thing. Students can connect, share, and relate to other students across the globe.
  • Students’ work is no longer covering the walls, but online. Bare walls doesn’t mean that students aren’t creating, thinking, and making.

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