Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Empower teachers to use tech

How can school leaders motivate teachers to use technology? Some ideas:

  • Give them praise and acknowledgement. How often does your administrator give someone kudos? Just during teacher appreciation week or all the time throughout the year? Telling someone that you appreciate their efforts goes a long way.
  • Share with others at your site. When you are walking around observing in classrooms, take photos. Make a note of the great lessons you saw that week. In your weekly or monthly newsletter share some of those photos and notes you took. Praise the teachers and school workers for their hard work.
  • Share with others online. Eric Davis @DavisWelcome has an #AwesomeEducatorOfTheDay. He takes a photo of the employee and posts it on Twitter with a note that says “This is not only a thank you, this is also a wow!”
  • Create digital badges. Digital badges can be created to support a school goal or to encourage a teacher to stay focused on a technology goal. For example, working with iPads, create an iPad badge. Select the criteria you want for teachers to obtain the badge. Teachers then submit their evidence and receive their digital badge. They can proudly display it on their website, blog, Moodle, Twitter, etc. Collecting digital badges is highly addictive. Start creating at https://credly.com/.

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