Monday, November 9, 2015

Using Chromebooks in Math class

Can a Chromebook be used in Math class? Yes!
Should a Chromebook be used in Math class? Yes!

Here are some tools/ resources:

  1. GeoGebra- Chrome app. Tools for geometry, algebra, statistics, calculus. 3D view .
  2. Desmos Graphing Calculator- Chrome app. Plot functions, create tables, animate graphs, etc.
  3. Chrome app. Graphing program. Allows the use exponents, fractions, & special characters.
  4. Graphs and Equations in Google- Insert graphs and equations Into Google Docs and Forms @rmbyrne
  5. 5 ways of using Google Docs in Math-Using Google Docs in Math, how to show your work and write equations @alicekeeler
  6. Khan Academy- screencasts, game-like learning, prepares students for SAT's
  7. gMath- Chrome app. Type in functions and inequalities and it will graph it.
  8. Table Calculator- Chrome app. Performs basic math and stats operations in Docs
  9. Wizkids Cas- Chrome app. Solve equations, plot graphs, simplify and factorize equations.

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