Sunday, December 6, 2015

Allowing student choice

Technology provides us as educators an opportunity to customize and personalize learning. Think of your own experiences as a student. If a teacher would have given you the option between an assigned reading  or choosing to read one of these three options, in which one would you have been more interested? 

Customized learning was hard to accomplish in schools 10-20 years ago. It was much easier to have a one size fits all approach. However, we now know that this is not effective pedagogical approach and that a student's motivation will highly influence the performance outcome. 

Customization also allows for differentiation of learning. The high achieving student can be pushed to excel further while the one that needs additional support can receive it, without judgment. It's a new era in teaching where we can truly meet students where they are and help them to move forward. 

I realize that it isn't always possible to allow student choice. Sometimes the specific content limits the possibilities. However, we can make a conscious effort to provide these opportunities when possible. 


  1. Claro, las opciones son necesarias, pero con cuidado. Que el estudiante encuentre en ellas la forma de crecer, no de "escaparse" a lo difícil, largo, nuevo.

  2. Hola Rubén, claro que sí, por eso dije que no siempre es posible darle a los estudiantes opciones. Hay veces que asignamos un trabajo difícil y tenemos un propósito específico en mente. Pero también, tecnología nos permite la oportunidad de darles a los estudiantes oportunidades más personalizadas a las fortalezas e intereses de los estudiantes.