Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Periscope potential for educators

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Periscope is an app available on iOS and Android. It’s available in Google Play for Android tablets and phones, but not for Chromebooks.

Their slogan is “let's you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else”, a perfect description for what Periscope is all about.  It allows the user to video record live footage and share it with the world. Viewers can comment and interact with the person live and send hearts when they like what’s being said or shared. Periscope has a world map with pins that allows you to see how is currenting “scoping”, the term for currently hosting a Periscope.

When I tried it the first time I clicked on Alaska. I was able to see a Scope of a man that was on his way to work. You could see the piles of snow next to the road. Next, I clicked on Australia. There I watched as a man in Brisbane finished his hike before going to work. It was sunny and warm. There were many eucalyptus trees around. Quite a different view than what I had seen earlier in Alaska. It was exciting to see what was actually happening in two different sides of the world.

Potential for the classroom:

  • Teachers can scope their classes.
  • Scopes of field trips taken can help parents see what the kids were able to see and do.
  • Promote school clubs and sports.
  • View changes in weather, time, and climate around the world.
  • Get a glimpse at how people live in different countries.
  • Listen to a native speaker and have the teacher type up questions that the students might want to ask.

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