Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Skyping with another class

I had never tried Skype with another class. This year it was one of my goals for the year. What a beautiful experience. We skyped with a class in Peru. I met the teacher via Twitter and asked her if she was willing to have our classes connect. My students, while shy about using their Spanish skills, did ask some questions and were definitely engaged and excited about the experience. Our buddy class seemed equally excited to talk with us. They had skyped before, so the experience was more familiar for them. Our buddy class has been studying English as their foreign language. They had a little surprise for us. They sang Jingle Bells for us!

IMG_0652 (1).JPG

Technology allows us to make world-wide connects that weren’t possible before. By making these connections, students see the value of the subjects they are learning and their importance.

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