Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3D View of the Human Body for Bio or Anatomy Class

BioDigital Human allows you to explore the human body in 3D. This is a great tool for students in Biology or Anatomy class. Select from a variety of systems: skeletal, ligamental, digestive, urinary, etc. Pull and move the image to see various sides and angles of the body. Works on Chromebooks with single sign-on.


There are various visualization modes available: standard, transparency, and isolate. Standard mode includes everything under the skin from muscles, veins, and tendons. Transparency mode makes everything transparent and highlights the specific area that you want to look at. Isolate mode separates a specific region.

BioDigital Human has a conditions section. Simply click on the system, for example, urinary, and then click on conditions it will give you a list of conditions associated with that part of the body. Click on any specific condition to see how it affects the body.


Students can share the 3D image they’ve created with the teacher via Google Classroom using a simple link.

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