Friday, January 29, 2016

Connect Four Spanish Verbs Game with Google Drawings

This game is a connect four game using the Spanish past tense of preterite and imperfect. The game includes irregular verbs and some stem changing verbs. Use it to review and practice the past tense verb conjugations.

Copyright notice: This game was created by Dr. Barbara Sweet @bsweet321. You are free to use it, copy it, and share it for educational purposes. Any changes done to the game must be approved by the creator.


  1. Students need to make a copy of the game board for each round they play. Click on File-Make a copy. Students share the game board with their partner with “can edit” capabilities. Students play together on the same game board.
  2. Students choose a color as their game marker; green or red.
  3. Students take turns picking a square and conjugating it correctly.
  4. I have abbreviated pretérito as {pre} and imperfecto as {imp}.
  5. Unlike the original Connect Four, you don’t need to start from the bottom up. Students can place their X on any of the available boxes after conjugating the verb correctly.
  6. Students move their colored X to the box once they have conjugated the verb correctly. Encourage students to complete the sentence.
  7. If a student gets the conjugation wrong, encourage the partner to help him/her to understand why it is wrong.
  8. If students need more X’s, they can right-click on one of their X’s by selecting copy and then paste to create more.
  9. Once all the boxes are covered, students tally how many 4 squares in a row in their color they have.
  10. The student with the most 4 connected squares, wins.
  11. Remind students that even if they lose the game, they are still practicing their conjugations and learning.

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