Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pokemon Go: The New Social Revolution

Pokemon Go is the newest edition of the Pokemon phenomena. Instead of being played on a Nintendo DS, it’s a Android or iPhone app. Apple is saying that it is the first game to have the most downloads in the first week.

Some of the same principles as in the original game still remain, you catch Pokemon, you try to evolve them, you can challenge others at the gym, etc. Some features are still not present, like trading Pokemon with others or the newer generation Pokemon. Unlike other Pokemon games, this one is triggered by your phone’s GPS location. The person walks around to various points to catch Pokemon. The Augmented Reality (AR) feature makes it seem as if the Pokemon are present in real-life. Additionally, the game can be played with AR turned off. IMG_1208 (1).PNG

Some of the benefits:
  • Adults and kids are enjoying catching Pokemon. It’s not just for kids.
  • Gives kids that would otherwise have sedentary lifestyles, a reason to get out of the house and walk around.
  • Parks and recreational areas are seeing an increase in attendance due to Pokemon Go.
  • Relationships are being created and strengthened by this opportunity. Gives people a reason to interact with others.
  • Reddit has a section for people that want to connect or want to share the location of some great Pokemon that they have found. This extends the social interaction to potentially new ones, as well.
  • Some businesses are taking advantage of the craze to cash in the opportunity by providing discounts or incentives for Pokemon lovers to catch Pokemon at their locations. Everything from free appetizers if you show them you are playing Pokemon Go to discounts and contests.
  • Gives people something to do with their phone while waiting in line or at the store.
  • Team work. Pokemon has 3 colored teams. People can battle together to defend a Gym for a particular color, whether yellow, blue, or red.

Some of the dangers:
  • Car accidents due to playing and driving.
  • Pedestrians have been seen walking carelessly on the streets, and even crossing the border.
  • The app seems to take a lot of power to run, so carry a charger.
  • Some locations have received unexpected people traffic because of Pokemon Go.


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