Wednesday, September 7, 2016

McPlay and 3D Coloring Books: What it Means for EDU

McDonalds Toys and coloring books have changed in response to a growing need for children to use technology not only to learn, but also to play.

McPlay is the app being promoted by McDonalds. It allows the child to scan the the bar code provided with their Happy Meal toy and unlock with the use of the app, a game or activity.

Coloring books are now developing augmented reality opportunities for children. A child can color a page, scan it with their phone or tablet, and interact with the character on the page.

Playing with the Happy Meal Toy is no longer limited to the child's imagination, but instead takes it further by allowing the child to interact with a character in a 3D environment.

What does this mean for education?

  • Kids expect more from toys and will expect more from their classes.
  • 3D and augmented reality will continue to grow and students need to be provided opportunities to use it, not just to play, but also to learn.
  • Scanning a QR code, launching an app, downloading or closing an app will be as essential school skills as writing and reading. 
  • Teachers that want students to be equipped for the skills they will need in their future professions, will need to continually challenge themselves to learn new apps and be abreast to changes in educational technology.