Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Free Bachelor's Degree for Mountain View Residents with eLearning Solution

Public education is free to all students until grade 12. Why can't higher education be free too? For some students, pursuing a bachelor degree who don't have have the financial means to pay for it, rely on student loans and scholarships. Graduating with over 80K in student loans isn't right. 

Study.com partnered with the City of Mountain View, California to offer a free option to college students who are residents of their city. It's called Mountain View Working Scholars. In order to qualify for the program, you have to live or work in the city of Mountain View. The program allows qualified students to take a series of online courses on their study.com site and then transfer those courses for credit towards their bachelor's degree with Thomas Edison State University. The remaining courses are funded by donations. 

Finally, a debt-free solution to higher education. I would personally like to see this program expand into other cities across the U.S. Higher Education should be an option to all those who want to pursue it, not just those that can afford it. 

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