Wednesday, April 19, 2017

3D Printing Student Samples

Many schools are experimenting with 3D printers. I've unfortunately not had the privilege. 3D printers are still very costly. 

What is a 3D printer? It's a printer that allows you to print out an image in 3 dimensions, instead of just a flat piece of paper. The computer tells the printer how to print out the object in layers so that it achieves a 3 dimensional effect. 

This tweet shared by Matt Hiefield shows a few useful items that his students have created. Among them: a cell phone stand, a butterfly shaped paper clip, and a tripod. 

I love how Matt's class projects are creative and useful. Students can take what they have made home and share the excitement of their lessons with their parents. 

STEM/STEAM teachers: Are you doing 3D printing with your students? How are you determining what the students should create?

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