Friday, April 21, 2017

Making Math a Movement Based Learning Experience

Students master content when they are provided opportunities to learn it in a variety of different ways. 

Kelly Mally shared a great interactive Math lesson that can easily be applied to other subjects. The tables have equivalent fractions to the ones written on the balloons that are on the floor. Students walk around the classroom trying to match the equivalent fractions on the balloons to the ones on their tables. Think of the math discussions being had by the students as they are trying to find a pair. 

I think that teachers often underestimate the value of students being able to stand up and move around. My control freak peers that don't want students to flinch without their permission. 

You try to sit for long hours a day and see if you can focus on what's being said without being distracted by how uncomfortable you are. 

Let's not forget what it feels like to be a student. Let's provide students of all learning types, the opportunity to master the concepts. 

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